About the Sweet Girl

Howdy, I'm Kristina. Farming and gardening runs in my family, yet as a young girl with a head full of hopes and dreams, I left the country behind and moved towards the big city of Chicago. I stayed there on and off for about 7 years, hopeful that I would find my calling. After I met the man of my dreams and we had our first child, I still hadn't found what I was meant to do. I yearned for wide open spaces, to go for walks without the constant smell of diesel and to hear the birds again.  After a promising job offer, we packed up the wagon and moved out West to Oregon! There, I became a Master Gardener and progressed into a farm apprentice and intern through Oregon State University's BUFA (Beginning Urban Farmer Apprenticeship) program. In 2016, with a second kiddo in tow, we decided to pack up the wagon again and move back home to Texas where Sweet Girl Farm was born. I am currently taking classes with The Herbal Academy to receive my Herbalist certification and I am slowly chipping away at 5 acres to become a healing herb, flower, egg and produce farm. I am the Mama to 30 happy hens and 2 farm dogs! My kiddos are growing like weeds and my husband is the best farm-hand around. Check out The Shop to see what healing goodies I make or check out Farm Fresh for recipes and more!