All-Purpose Calendula Salve for: boo boo’s, rash, eczema, bites, minor scrapes, dry skin and more!

All-Purpose Calendula Salve for: boo boo’s, rash, eczema, bites, minor scrapes, dry skin and more!

All-Purpose Calendula Salve

We love our Calendula lavender balm from Sweet Girl Farm! I use it for all kinds of things, from dry spots on my daughters, diaper rash on my littlest, to watch band irritation on my husband. There isn’t any extra unpronounceable crud in her balm, that a lot of commercial products have, and I love that! It works so well at calming and healing, I use it any chance I get! I literally just used it after plucking and razor shaping my brows. It calms the skin so well. -Mary Beth, ME

Love that Booboo Cream its amazing... Get it while its hot... Sweet Girl Farm is awesome... I use it for almost everything.-Michelle, IL

Whether it be calendula balm, lavender lipgloss, or the magnesium roll... it all makes me feel good. Kristina's nurturing nature is felt in all the things she creates.- Elissa, IA

Kristina sent me some of her fabulous Calendula last year I get really bad dry skin during fall/winter seasons I applied after I got out of the shower and my dry patches started two subside. I then used it on a burn from my lovely flat iron... the burn was healed up in about a week in a half!! This stuff rocks my socks- Autumn, TX

Calm-It Body Butter (Grass Fed Tallow)

Calm-It Body Butter (Grass Fed Tallow)

Tallow Butter

For the last year, my Daughter has had these two eczema patch on her face that she is very self-conscious about because kids tease her about it. I’ve tried lotions, balms, and multiple strengths of prescription topical steroids, all to no avail. 
Everything I’ve ever bought from Sweet Girl Farm has been wonderful. My new charcoal/turmeric face mask is amazeballs. 
I was skeptical of tallow butter, mostly because I don’t use/eat many animal products these days. But, I got a free sample with my most recent order from Sweet Girl Farm and decided to try it because cow tallow has to be safer for my daughter than constant steroid use. After 3 nights of applying it- her patches are almost completely gone! I don’t remember the last time they looked so good.- Lizz, IL


I cannot write enough how much I love her beautiful, organic products! They all smell and feel lovely, artistically packaged, fairly priced... you won't be disappointed! -Cassandra, IL

She is so awesome and helpful! Definitely my new go to! -Crystal, AZ

Amazing products made by an incredible human. Absolutely recommend anything Kristina from Sweet Girl Farms tells you to use.-Geoff, Australia